Class Controller

Displays an gathering stand-alone in a page.

Concrete\Core\Controller\AbstractController implements Concrete\Core\Application\ApplicationAwareInterface
Extended by Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController
Extended by Concrete\Block\CoreGatheringDisplay\Controller
Namespace: Concrete\Block\CoreGatheringDisplay
Package: Blocks\Core
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003-2013 Concrete5. (
License: MIT License
Author: Andrew Embler
Located at blocks/core_gathering_display/controller.php

Methods summary

public string
# getBlockTypeDescription( )

Returns the description of the block type.

public string
# getBlockTypeName( )

Returns the name of the block type.

# view( )

Properties summary

protected boolean $btCacheBlockRecord
# true
protected string $btTable
# 'btCoreGatheringDisplay'
protected boolean $btIsInternal
# true