Class Controller

Interface ApplicationAwareInterface This interface declares awareness of the concrete5 application.

Concrete\Core\Controller\AbstractController implements Concrete\Core\Application\ApplicationAwareInterface
Extended by Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController
Extended by Concrete\Block\Form\Controller
Namespace: Concrete\Block\Form
Package: Concrete\Core\Application
Located at blocks/form/controller.php

Methods summary

public string
# getBlockTypeDescription( )

Used for localization. If we want to localize the name/description we have to include this.

public string
# getBlockTypeName( )

Returns the name of the block type.

# getJavaScriptStrings( )

Returns a key/value array of strings that is used to translate items when used in javascript.

# __construct( BlockType $b = null )

Instantiates the block controller.

# view( )
# save( array $data = array() )

Form add or edit submit (run after the duplicate method on first block edit of new page version).

# questionVersioning( array $data = array() )

Ties the new or edited questions to the new block number. New and edited questions are temporarily given bID=0, until the block is saved... painfully complicated.

public BlockRecord
# duplicate( integer $newBID )

Duplicate will run when copying a page with a block, or editing a block for the first time within a page version (before the save).

# action_submit_form( integer $bID = false )

Users submits the completed survey.

# delete( )

Automatically run when a block is deleted. This removes the special data from the block's specific database table. If a block needs to do more than this this method should be overridden.

Properties summary

public string $btTable
# 'btForm'
public string $btQuestionsTablename
# 'btFormQuestions'
public string $btAnswerSetTablename
# 'btFormAnswerSet'
public string $btAnswersTablename
# 'btFormAnswers'
public string $btInterfaceWidth
# '420'
public string $btInterfaceHeight
# '430'
public string $thankyouMsg
# ''
public string $submitText
# ''
public integer $noSubmitFormRedirect
# 0
protected boolean $btCacheBlockRecord
# false
protected array $btExportTables
# array('btForm', 'btFormQuestions')
protected array $btExportPageColumns
# array('redirectCID')
protected integer $lastAnswerSetId
# 0