Class Controller

Interface ApplicationAwareInterface This interface declares awareness of the concrete5 application.

Concrete\Core\Controller\AbstractController implements Concrete\Core\Application\ApplicationAwareInterface
Extended by Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController
Extended by Concrete\Block\PageTitle\Controller
Namespace: Concrete\Block\PageTitle
Package: Concrete\Core\Application
Located at blocks/page_title/controller.php

Methods summary

public string
# getBlockTypeDescription( )

Returns the description of the block type.

public string
# getBlockTypeName( )

Returns the name of the block type.

# view( )
# save( array $data )

Run when a block is added or edited. Automatically saves block data against the block's database table. If a block needs to do more than this (save to multiple tables, upload files, etc... it should override this.

# action_topic( $treeNodeID = false, $topic = false )

Properties summary

public array $helpers
# array('form')
protected integer $btInterfaceWidth
# 400
protected boolean $btCacheBlockOutput
# true
protected boolean $btCacheBlockOutputOnPost
# true
protected boolean $btCacheBlockOutputForRegisteredUsers
# false
protected integer $btInterfaceHeight
# 400
protected string $btTable
# 'btPageTitle'
protected string $btWrapperClass
# 'ccm-ui'