Class Newsflow

Class Newsflow

A class used for retrieving the latest news and updates from Concrete5. This is a singleton class that should be instantiated via Newsflow::getInstance(). This object is prevented from being created if the config file has the '' setting set to false.

Namespace: Concrete\Core\Activity
Package: Concrete\Core\Activity
Located at src/Activity/Newsflow.php

Methods summary

public boolean
# hasConnectionError( )
public boolean|integer
# getConnectionError( )
public boolean|Concrete\Core\Activity\NewsflowItem
# getEditionByID( integer $cID )

Retrieves a NewsflowItem object for a given collection ID

public boolean|Concrete\Core\Activity\NewsflowItem
# getEditionByPath( $cPath )

Retrieves a NewsflowItem object for a given collection path

public Concrete\Core\Activity\NewsflowSlotItem[]|null
# getSlotContents( )

Retrieves an array of NewsflowSlotItems

Constants summary


Constant for if newsflow is manually disabled (like through a config entry)

# 21

Properties summary

protected boolean $isConnected

if the site is connected to

# false
protected boolean|integer $connectionError

if there is a connection error and the error number

# false
protected null|Concrete\Core\Activity\NewsflowSlotItem[] $slots
# null