Class GlobalArea

Extended by Concrete\Core\Area\Area implements Concrete\Core\Permission\ObjectInterface
Extended by Concrete\Core\Area\GlobalArea
Namespace: Concrete\Core\Area
Located at src/Area/GlobalArea.php

Methods summary

public boolean
# ignoreCurrentLanguageSection( )

If called on a multilingual website, this global area will not load its content from the language-specific global area stack. Instead, it'll use the stack in the default language, throughout the website.

public Concrete\Core\Area\Area
# create( Page $c, string $arHandle )
public string
public integer
# getTotalBlocksInArea( Page $c = false )
protected Page
# getGlobalAreaStackObject( Page $c = false )
public integer
public Block[]
public boolean
# display( Page $c = false, Block[] $fake = null )

displays the Area in the page ex: $a = new Area('Main'); $a->display($c);.

public static
# deleteByName( string $arHandle )

Note that this function does not delete the global area's stack. You probably want to call the "delete" method of the Stack model instead.

Properties summary

protected boolean $ignoreCurrentMultilingualLanguageSection
# false

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