Class ZendCacheDriver

Class ZendCacheDriver Adapter class to hook Zend's cache into Concrete5's cache.

Extended by Concrete\Core\Cache\Adapter\ZendCacheDriver implements Zend\Cache\Storage\StorageInterface, Zend\Cache\Storage\FlushableInterface
Namespace: Concrete\Core\Cache\Adapter
Package: Concrete\Core\Cache\Adapter
Located at src/Cache/Adapter/ZendCacheDriver.php

Methods summary

# __construct( string $cacheName = 'cache' )
protected mixed
# internalGetItem( string & $normalizedKey, boolean & $success = null, mixed & $casToken = null )

Internal method to get an item.

protected boolean
# internalSetItem( string & $normalizedKey, mixed & $value )

Internal method to store an item.

protected boolean
# internalRemoveItem( string & $normalizedKey )

Internal method to remove an item.

public boolean
# flush( )

Flush the whole storage