Class Cache

Namespace: Concrete\Core\Cache
Located at src/Cache/Cache.php

Methods summary

abstract protected
# init( )

Initializes the cache by setting up the cache pool and enabling the cache

protected Stash\Interfaces\DriverInterface
# loadConfig( $level )

Loads the composite driver from constants

public boolean
# delete( string $key )

Deletes an item from the cache

public boolean
# exists( string $key )

Checks if an item exists in the cache

# flush( )

Removes all values from the cache

public Stash\Interfaces\ItemInterface
# getItem( string $key )

Gets a value from the cache

# enable( )

Enables the cache

# disable( )

Disables the cache

public boolean
# isEnabled( )

Returns true if the cache is enabled, false if not

public static
# disableAll( )

Disables all cache levels

public static
# enableAll( )

Enables all cache levels

Properties summary

protected Stash\Pool $pool
# null
protected boolean $enabled
# false
protected Stash\Interfaces\DriverInterface $driver
# null