Class DatabaseManagerORM

Methods summary

# __construct( Concrete\Core\Application\Application $app )

Create a new database ORM manager instance.

public Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager[]
# getEntityManagers( )

Return all of the available entity managers.

public Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager
# entityManager( mixed $context = null, string $connectionName = null )

Gets a context specific entity manager. Allows easier management of entities where different settings than the core settings are needed for the EntityManager object.

public static Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager
# makeEntityManager( Concrete\Core\Database\Connection\Connection $connection, mixed $context = null )

Makes a new entity manager instance for the given context (e.g. a package) or if no context object is given, for the application context. The options for the context are: - A package object, results in a package specific entity manager - The string 'core', results in a core specific entity manager - Null or omitted context, results in an application specific entity manager

Properties summary

protected Concrete\Core\Application\Application $app

The application instance.

protected Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager[] $entityManagers

The active entity manager instances.

# array()