Class Error

Concrete\Core\Error\Error implements ArrayAccess
Namespace: Concrete\Core\Error
Located at src/Error/Error.php

Methods summary

public boolean
# offsetExists( mixed $offset )

Whether a offset exists

public mixed
# offsetGet( mixed $offset )

Offset to retrieve

# offsetSet( mixed $offset, mixed $value )

Offset to set

# offsetUnset( mixed $offset )

Offset to unset

# add( Exception $e )

Adds an error object or exception to the internal error array

public array
# getList( )

Returns a list of errors in the error helper

public boolean
# has( )

Returns whether or not this error helper has more than one error registered within it.

# output( )

Outputs the HTML of an error list, with the correct style attributes/classes. This is a convenience method.

# outputJSON( )

Outputs the the error as a JSON object.

Properties summary

protected array $error
# array()
public boolean $helperAlwaysCreateNewInstance
# true