Class TemplateFile

Methods summary

# __construct( BlockType $parentObject, string $filename )

Initializes this TemplateFile instance

public BlockType
# getTemplateFileParentObject( )

Returns the parent object of this template file

public string
# getTemplateFileFilename( )

Returns the file name

public string
# getTemplateFileName( )

Returns the name of this template file

public string
# getTemplateFileDisplayName( string $format = 'html' )

Returns the display name for this template file (localized and escaped accordingly to $format)

public string
# __toString( )

Returns the file name (implemented for backward compatibility with previuos BlockType->getBlockTypeCustomTemplates / BlockType->getBlockTypeComposerTemplates

public static Concrete\Core\Filesystem\TemplateFile[]
# sortTemplateFileList( Concrete\Core\Filesystem\TemplateFile[] $list )

Sorts a list of TemplateFile instances

protected static integer
# sortTemplateFileListSorter( Concrete\Core\Filesystem\TemplateFile $a, Concrete\Core\Filesystem\TemplateFile $b )

Callable function used by sortTemplateFileList.

Properties summary

protected BlockType $parentObject

Stores the parent object of this template file

protected string $filename

Stores the file name

protected string $name

Stores the name of this template file