Class Response

Methods summary

# setPermissionObject( Concrete\Core\Permission\ObjectInterface $object )

Sets the current permission object to the object provided, this object should implement the Permission ObjectInterface

# getPermissionObject( )

Retrieves the current permission object

# setPermissionCategoryObject( PermissionKeyCategory $category )

Sets the current Permission Category object to an appropriate PermissionKeyCategory

public boolean|integer
# testForErrors( )

Returns an error constant if an error is present, false if there are no errors.

public static Concrete\Core\Permission\Response\Response
# getResponse( Concrete\Core\Permission\ObjectInterface $object )

Passing in any object that implements the ObjectInterface, retrieve the Permission Response object.

public boolean
# validate( string $permissionHandle, array $args = array() )

This function returns true if the user has permission to the object, or false if they do not have access.

# __call( $f, $a )

Properties summary

protected Concrete\Core\Permission\ObjectInterface $object
protected PermissionKeyCategory $category
public static array $cache
# array()