Class Facade

Adapted and included from Laravel's Support Facade class.

Namespace: Concrete\Core\Support\Facade
Located at src/Support/Facade/Facade.php

Methods summary

public static mixed
# getFacadeRoot( )

Get the root object behind the facade.

protected static mixed
# resolveFacadeInstance( string $name )

Resolve the facade root instance from the container.

protected static string
# getFacadeAccessor( )

Get the registered name of the component.

public static
# clearResolvedInstance( string $name )

Clear a resolved facade instance.

public static
# clearResolvedInstances( )

Clear all of the resolved instances.

public static Concrete\Core\Application\Application
# getFacadeApplication( )

Get the application instance behind the facade.

public static
# setFacadeApplication( Concrete\Core\Application\Application $app )

Set the application instance.

public static mixed
# __callStatic( string $method, array $args )

Handle dynamic, static calls to the object.

Properties summary

protected static $app
protected static array $resolvedInstance

The resolved object instances.