Class Update

Methods summary

public static string|null
# getLatestAvailableVersionNumber( )

Fetch from the remote marketplace the latest available versions of the core and the packages. These operations are done only the first time or after at least APP_VERSION_LATEST_THRESHOLD seconds since the previous check.

public static stdClass
# getApplicationUpdateInformation( )

Retrieves the info about the latest available information. The effective request to the remote server is done just once per request.

protected static stdClass
# getLatestAvailableUpdate( )

Retrieves the info about the latest available information.

public Concrete\Core\Updater\ApplicationUpdate[]
# getLocalAvailableUpdates( )

Looks in the designated updates location for all directories, ascertains what version they represent, and finds all versions greater than the currently installed version of concrete5.

public static
# updateToCurrentVersion( )

Upgrade the current core version to the latest locally available by running the applicable migrations.