Class AbstractTranslatableValidator

Class AbstractTranslatableValidator Abstract class for managing translatable requirements and errors.

Concrete\Core\Validator\AbstractTranslatableValidator implements Concrete\Core\Validator\TranslatableValidatorInterface
Namespace: Concrete\Core\Validator
Package: Concrete\Core\Validator
Located at src/Validator/AbstractTranslatableValidator.php

Methods summary

protected string|mixed
# getErrorString( integer $code, mixed $value, mixed $default = null )

Get an error string given a code and a passed value

protected boolean
# isTranslatableStringValueValid( $value )

Check to see if $value a valid stand in for a translatable string

# setRequirementString( integer $code, string|Closure $message )

Set the requirement string to a mixed value Closure format: function(TranslatableValidatorInterface $validator, int $code): string

# setErrorString( integer $code, string|Closure $message )

Set the error string to a string or to a closure Closure format: function(TranslatableValidatorInterface $validator, int $code, mixed $passed): string

public string[]
# getRequirementStrings( )

Get the validator requirements in the form of an array keyed by it's respective error code

Properties summary

protected array $translatable_requirements
# array()
protected array $translatable_errors
# array()