Manual Configuration

Sometimes instead of setting configuration variables via code, you may want to set them via configuration files.

It is highly suggested that you read Configuration and Key/Value Storage first to understand the basics of configuration values.

As per the documentation, a configuration item has several parts. For example the configuration value:

If we split it out into its parts we have:

configNamespace configGroup configItem configValue
concrete security.session invalidate_on_user_agent_mismatch true

What this means is that in order to manually set this we need to create a file <configNamespace>.php in <root>/config/application/config which ends up being concrete.php.

Inside of this file we will have some nested arrays in order to set the value, the configGroup can specify multiple nested arrays (such as in this case).

return [
    'security' => [
        'session' => [
            'invalidate_on_user_agent_mismatch' => false,
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