Publishing Packages to the Marketplace

This how-to is explicitly for concrete5 package developers.

Manual publishing of your add-ons

When you have finished developing your add-on or theme, you can publish it to the concrete5 Marketplace by submitting it to

Automated publishing of your add-ons with GruntJS

The "concrete5 Package Uploader" plugin for GruntJS allows you to publish your add-ons and themes fully automatically to the Marketplace. Here is an example configuration:

    concrete_package_uploader: {
        credentials: {
            username: "your_username",
            password: "your_password"

        packageInformations: {
            packageHandle: "your_package_handle",
            packageFile: "build/",
            title: "My package",
            version: '0.9.0',
            singlePrice: 15,
            keywords: 'some, keywords',
            shortDescription: 'This is a short description.',
            description: 'This is a long description.',
            categories: [16, 50],
            screenshots: ["screenshots/1.png", "screenshots/2.png"]

grunt.registerTask('default', ['concrete_package_uploader']);

You can install the GruntJS plugin by entering the following command in your CLI:

npm install grunt-concrete-package-uploader --save-dev

For further informations please go to:

Which method is the right one?

If you only publish one or two packages, the manual method is the right choice for you. However, if you develop several add-ons for the concrete5 Marketplace and / or have much support inquiries, the automated method saves you a lot of time. The plugin can be integrated in your build process so that a ZIP archive of the release version can be automatically created and uploaded to the Marketplace like magic.

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