Creating Additional Custom View Templates

In the previous section we talked about how easy it is to override the default view template for a core block type at the application level. This is great, but it does modify the view template for all instances of the block type, everywhere. Sometimes that may not be the desired behavior. What if you're happy with how the Auto-Nav works in most cases, but you just want some specially marked-up version for the "Site Map" page on a website? What if you need to display a special custom attribute next to the name of a page in a page list? In these cases it's not a good idea to override the default view template in all cases. Instead, create a custom block view template. These custom templates can be applied through the CMS, but they don't override the default view. Examples of custom templates used in the Sample Content install include:

  • The Responsive Header Navigation custom template used by the header navigation block in the global navigation area.
  • The "Hover Description" custom template used by the Feature block on the "Services" page.

Creating a custom template is very similar to modifying the default view template for a core block type. Here's how to do it:

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