First of all search for the desired Awesome icon here. In this example search for "stackexchange".

  1. Click on the icon in the result list.

  2. The HTML-code for the icon appears: ... class="fa fa-stack-exchange"....

  3. Copy just the stack-exchangepart without the fa fa-. Concrete5 is taking care of it.

  4. In your project, create the file /application/config/concrete.php.

  5. Add to this file the following code:

return [
    'social' => [
        'additional_services' => [
                'stackexchange', // the handle
                'StackExchange', // the title which will be shown in the dropdown
                'stack-exchange', // the icon name copied before

If you have previously added manual configuration items to this file you will need to add this new section as an additional array item.

That's it. Upload the file, empty site cache and you'll have a new entry in the Social Link Service Dropdown. Note that the Awesome icon needs to exist.

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