When you make an original theme, try to use the basic names of the area, so that you won't have to worry about switching themes.

First, let's try to use the area names of Elemental theme.

Basics of naming your areas

  • Use can use alphabet and numbers with space
  • When you enable translation interface, you can translate the area name
  • Do not overlap the Global Area and Area
    • Before and after switching the theme, try not to use the same name of area and global area
    • e.g.) "Sidebar" area was the name of area before, but the new theme has set "Sidebar" as Global Area.
  • If you want to set "Sidebar" as global area, install concrete5 with "Blank" starting point

The name of Global Areas in Elemental

  • Header Search
  • Header Site Title
  • Header Navigation
  • Footer Site Title
  • Footer Social
  • Footer Legal
  • Footer Navigation
  • Footer Contact

The name of Areas in Elemental

  • Page Header
  • Main
  • Page Footer
  • Sidebar
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