Sometime, "external link" doesn't fulfill your requirement for the page. You may want to display thumbnail image, additional page attribute such as topic and selector attributes to display the categories of the page.

This tutorial explains how to set-up redirect-only page with more page attributes option by creating redirect-only page template and page type in your theme.

(You may also want to customize your Page List and/or Autonav Blocks if you want to avoid additional redirect requests)


I hold no responsibility over any damages caused by using this script.


This uses Page Selector Attribute

How to set-it up

Currently, if you are the site editor who can see the concrete5 toolbar on top, you won't get redirected but stayed on the page so that you'll be able to edit.

Basic Set-ups

  • Copy and paste redirect.php below and create a page template under your theme.
  • Create a page type. Add composer elements to enter page name, url and the following page attributes.

external_page Page Selector Attribute

Create a page selector attribute called "external_page"

Or comment out or delete from line 6-10.

external_link Text Attribute

Create a text page attribute called external_link, which you enter URL.

If both externap_page and external_link was entered, externap_page will be used.

Hint: You could add File Attributes

You could add File Attribute to have them download the file.

Code Sample

Code is available on the gist

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