Laravel Valet is a development environment for Mac developers. It's a fast, low impact alternative to setting up Apache and the hosts file on your machine.

Valet Installation

Install Laravel Valet by following the instructions on that site.

Installation will add a .valet directory to your profile folder.

Concrete5 Valet Driver Installation

Once Valet installation is complete, you can install the driver.

  1. Download the driver from GitHub.
  2. Copy the driver, ConcreteValetDriver.php, to the Drivers folder under .valet

Concrete5 Installation

After you have installed Valet and the concrete5 driver, you're ready to install concrete5 itself.

  1. Download the lastest version of concrete5
  2. Unzip the concrete5 file
  3. Copy the folder, such as concrete5.7.5.9) and it's contents to the Parked directory you setup in Valet
  4. Access your site by going to the name of the folder appended with '.dev.', such as >
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