Task Permissions

You can control which groups (or users) have access to certain administrative functions within concrete5 from this interface:


  • Access Sitemap - Lets selected users & groups use the sitemap when picking page links. 
  • Install Packages  - Allows or prevents users from installing new add-ons/themes and downloading additional packages from the concrete5.org marketplace.
  • Uninstall Packages - Alllows users to remove packaged add-ons and themes from your site.
  • View Newsflow  - Allows users with Dashboard access to view daily "Newsflow" community content when first logging into a site.
  • Upgrade concrete5 - Allows selected users and groups to upgrade the concrete5 core. 
  • Perform Backups - This setting includes or excludes the users and groups you've selected from using the built-in concrete5 database backup tool.
  • Access Task Permissions - If you want to allow other users to change Task Permissions, or exclude specific administrative users from doing so, this is where to go.
  • Access Page Type Defaults - Control who can view and edit default blocks on your site's Page Types.
  • Customize Themes - Determine who can use the theme customizer on the concrete5 front end in-context editing interface. 
  • Manage Layout Presets - Controls access to the layout presets on concrete5's front end in-context editing interface. 
  • Empty Trash - Determine who can permanently delete pages from your Sitemap's trash can.
  • Add Topic Tree - Controls who can add a topic tree to the Topics attribute type. 
  • Remove Topic Tree - Controls who can remove a topic tree from the Topics attribute type.
  • Edit Gatherings - Determine who is allowed to edit gathering blocks placed on the site. 


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